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Take Control of Your Reputation

Are mistakes from your past following you around on the web? Does negative online content portray the wrong image about you as a person? In the digital age, our reputations can be shattered by negative content published online. This leads to embarrassment, loss of income, social exclusion and hurts the image you have worked hard to build.

How do you want the world to view you when they type in your name?

Using a variety of proven techniques, will dilute down or completely remove negative content about you to ensure you’re creating the optimal first impression.

Services For Individuals

Bury Negative Results

Whether we agree with it or not, it has become a harsh reality that what is said about us online affects how we are viewed by our peers. Now more than ever, business and personal relationships are being impacted because of embarrassing personal stories and negative content found online.

Crisis Management

If your personal and professional search engine results are in desperate need of repair, offers emergency assistance in reversing the negative impacts to your image quickly and effectively. Rest assured, our experts will attack the problem using our proven, proprietary online reputation management tactics.

One Time Guaranteed Deletions

Our experts are able to completely remove defamatory posts on,,,, and many similar defamation websites. We can also successfully remove negative posts about you from social networks, forums, message boards and other online liabilities. Contact us for an assessment of your situation to determine if this is possible.

Personal Suppression

Often times, a negative perception can be built of a person simply due to a lack of positive information being created and distributed. creates and promotes positive results in order to build a solid footprint highlighting your personal attributes and achievements. First impressions are everything! Our Online Reputation Management experts will:

  • Thoroughly interview you to understand your desired profile.
  • Research and document your search engine profile.
  • Develop and execute a strategy to improve your personal image online.
  • Author an ongoing barrage of positive content about you.
  • Distribute high quality positive content, articles, and social profiles about you and your accomplishments on influential
  • Websites to make you look like a star.


We offer a quote in advance for our services based on the package required to get the results you need. These packages include an initial flurry of work to clean up and protect your reputation. Then many clients opt for a low-cost maintenance plan which provides gradual reinforcement of your online reputation. All packages include a year of media monitoring so we can respond to any threats.

We also offer bespoke services for clients with specific needs. Unlike other companies we do not consider our clients size and charge according to that. We look at the details of your particular project and the work involved and sum all of the hours we will need to use. We then provide a quote based on our monthly rate multiplied by the months required for your project or plan.

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Case Study: Financial Company CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment

  • The Problem

    The CEO of a financial company was wrongfully accused of sexual harassment by a vindictive former employee who he had recently fired. The case was thrown out, and there was no finding of wrongdoing, but bloggers picked up the story and sided with the alleged ‘victim’. As a result, search results for the CEO’s name were polluted with these bloggers opinions and his otherwise impeccable reputation was being tainted.

  • The Solution

    During our initial interviews, we learned of the CEO’s noble career and personal interests. Our content developers created many different assets demonstrating his accomplishments and highlighting his philanthropy and community involvement. We promoted these new positive assets until they buried the negative articles from the vigilante bloggers.

  • The Outcome

    Eleven months later, the first twenty results in Google for the CEO’s name are all positive. New articles about him do not mention the unfounded allegations because the information does not come up in internet research, and his online reputation has been restored to highlight his many accomplishments.